As mums, we give over so much of our time to our children that often we forget to do what feeds our own souls, you know the things that make us feel great from the inside, that we could spend hours doing without even noticing the time pass. If we can integrate our families into our soul passion then amazing but if not that is ok too … remember to put your own oxygen mask on first. Often when I go through Instagram I will see a mum who is taking the time to feed her soul and one that really bounced out to me was Callie Coles whose love of horses literally shines out of her Instagram account.

Hi Callie, welcome to No Mum Is An Island. I am a great believer that no mum (or dad) should have to do everything herself, we can’t possibly know it all, and we need all the support we can get, there is a wealth of information out there to help us upgrade our parenting experience, to make our lives easier and this website is a hub for just that! We love that you have upgraded your life by honoring your love of horses and making time for it despite being a busy mum of two.

Can you tell us when your love of horses first came about?

I was lucky enough to be born into a family who have had horses in their lives for as many generations as I can see back. My mother rode (and still does!) as did both my grandparents, and both great grandparents etc etc. My great Grandfather, Guvnor they called him, was Chief Superintendent in the mounted metropolitan police and then hunted a pack of hounds in Cornwall. My grandfather was also high up in the mounted police and he started me off riding his racehorse Thornton before I could walk. Sorry, very long and convoluted, but horses were ingrained deep in my dna!

When you had children did you think it would stop you from being with horses?

No. I rode with both boys virtually up until they were born. I was riding with Merlin up until third trimester. Having children hasn’t actually changed my life all that much. They just fit in. My life has obviously shifted massively in that they are the pivotal force of my world but day to day I just get on with horses and dogs and generally keeping all three of my men happy and alive.

It is a big commitment as a mum spending that much time with your horses how have you integrated them into your children’s lives?

The children, happily, adore the horses and will trundle about the place trailing dandy brushes and hay nets and helping me (usually! It can quickly deteriorate into chaos – one in the water trough fully clothed while the other is letting the chickens out into the vegetable garden loose with the dogs who are chasing them) but it all ticks along steadily from day to day.

We are extremely lucky that we have the horses at home. This makes it much easier to incorporate them into everyday life. I also have an exceptional Mother in law who is very hands on and helps me massively with everything. She is a wonderful horsewoman too but mostly grounds herself now to lead Merlin about on his pony. Both the children adore her and I owe most of my riding freedom to her.

Did you know that that it has been clinically documented that being around horses changes human brainwave patterns? We calm down and become more focused around horses – what does it feel like for you and your family to be so involved with horses?

Yes I have heard this. I know that horses are exceptional helpers for people with autism. They are mostly very gentle and loving beings. I think if we take anything from our animals. The dogs and the horses. It is to be kind. They are so trusting and peaceful and I guess if you surround yourself with this type of energy it catches on…

What advice would you give to mums that may dream of riding as a bit of self-care for themselves?

If you want to do ANYTHING then seize it with both hands and your whole heart. Do what makes you happy and if you are happy everyone around you will be too. For me, a gallop on the beach, or a buzz fuelled spin over a line of hedges blows away any cobwebs and brings me back to my family mellow and beaming and ready to immerse myself wholly in the daily chores again!