Living in Ibiza for almost 10 years I was exposed to many incredible new ways of understanding, one thing that always intrigued me which I never explored further was womb energy, friends that experienced abuse, miscarriages, traumatic birth experiences or who just wanted to connect to their feminine energy have raved about this deeply personal transformative work. So I reached out to fellow Ibiza lover Diana Beaulieu from Sacred Women Awakening to find out more.

Hi Diana, I am a great believer that no mum (or dad) should have to do everything herself, we can’t possibly know it all, and we need all the support we can get, there is a wealth of information out there to help us upgrade our parenting experience, to make our lives easier and this website is a hub for just that! We love that you are awakening many mothers to their sacred feminine energy. It is clear our womb is a hugely powerful place as it is where new life is conceived, grown and birthed but your work helps us see it is so much more!

Can you tell us what womb energy is and why it is so important mothers and those who want to be mothers recognise it?

Thank you Jade! What a big question.

First, what is Womb energy? Womb energy is a term that encompasses all aspects of our Womb (uterus) and reproductive system at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Let me go through those levels one by one.

At a physical level our Womb energy relates to the physical health, vitality and fertility of our Womb and all the associated structures of our reproductive system including the ovaries. However, the physical health of our Womb is very tied in with the emotional and spiritual aspects of Womb energy.

This is where understanding Womb energy in a wider way is so important for mothers and mothers-to-be.

womb energy with Diana Beaulieu

The emotional energy of our Womb is a crucial piece in our understanding of Womb energy. The Womb, at an emotional level, holds an incredible amount of life memory which is encoded at a cellular level and directly affects our physical health. Womb memory affects us particularly when we hold memories of sexual and emotional trauma that our Wombs have experienced.

This might include unloving sexual experiences, sexual trauma, miscarriage and abortion, and possibly medical interventions or surgery on the Womb. This cellular memory has a MASSIVE impact on the physical vitality, balance and health of the Womb. The more we hold difficult, painful and traumatic memories and emotions here, the more likely we are to experience toxicity, imbalance ( including hormonal imbalance) and disease.

At the spiritual level, Womb energy encompasses the energetic power of our Womb, which relates to how we experience sexual relationships with others, and how grounded we are in our physical body, how we maintain our relationship boundaries, how connected we are to sexual energy and pleasure, and how we are able to access and express our creative power – not just the power to create life, but also art, ideas, projects and all other forms of inspired creation. The Womb is a foundational aspect of our personal energy, and it is in our best interests to harness this if we want healthy relationships and creatively fulfilling lives.

There is also a level beyond the first three I have described and that is the Womb as a centre of conscious awareness. The Womb is also a holder of spiritual understanding and wisdom – and by tapping into our individual and collective consciousness in the Womb we gain access to incredible intuition and connection, including the ability to communicated with our growing child or its arriving soul.

womb energy

This is big stuff, so how do we know if we are disconnected from this energy?

There are many signs that you might be disconnected from your Womb energy. Here are some key ones:

You are unable to conceive or hold a baby or have problems with fertility. This is a key sign that your Womb energy is out of balance and you are disconnected from it and you should consider a holistic, emotional and energy approach to add to whatever medical interventions you have chosen so that you can connect with and clear whatever trauma might be creating imbalance.

You keep attracting the same “wrong” relationships”. Your Womb energy, as a holder of all your sexual/emotional experiences, will often keep attracting the same kind of emotionally traumatic or dysfunctional person into your life – as despite whatever you consciously try to change, your Womb is magnetically charged with particular emotional states and causes you to attract more of the same.

You get drained in your personal relationships. Your Womb energy, when you don’t fully connect with it, or learn how to build solid energetic boundaries, will leak out to others especially your partner and children – and given that this is key to your life force, this will result in you feeling drained and tired.

womb energy

As I work more and more with families, it is clear to see that the experiences of our parents, grand parents, great grandparents and beyond, influence so much of our own parenting style, how does the work you do help with this?

What a great question! The effect of our ancestors on our Wombs and our entire lives is enormous and affects our entire self, not just our parenting style. At a cultural level we have lost this understanding although it is slowly returning. We received the emotional memories of our mothers and all of our maternal line when we were gestated in the Womb.

In turn, our emotions in the Womb are passed to our growing child, and this is one of the KEY reasons why it is important to clear and heal those memories as part of our preparation for conceiving new life.

Womb Awakening directly works with clearing the traumas and emotional pain that our mothers and grandmothers experienced so that our children can be free of this ancestral burden.

Is there a way that we can activate this womb energy?

Womb Activation is a conscious energy awakening process and the best way to do this is through a Sacred Womb Awakening course with a qualified practitioner or through one of my online courses. This is because it is powerful, emotionally engaging work and it is best to activate your Womb energy with the right support and experience available to you.

What would be the next for someone who wanted to know more?

Visit my website at where you can read articles about the Womb – and also enroll on my 8 week Womb Awakening course which is an incredible preparation for motherhood, as well as deeply healing and empowering for all women at every stage of life. I will shortly be releasing a special online course on preparing the Womb for sacred pregnancy and conscious conception – join my mailing list to be the first to know!

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