No Mum Is An Island Art Collection

What if the art on your child’s bedroom wall could speak to your family? What if it could change your lives, build resilience, provide coping strategies, and teach a new perspective? That is exactly what is achieved by this collection of playful children’s art prints from No Mum Is An Island. The website’s founder Jade Gooding suffered from teen depression resulting in an attempted suicide whilst on her school lunch break, she was 17.

Fast forward 20 years, a roller coaster of too much partying, feeling lost, through to building a successful business, studying Positive Psychology, and taking total control of her mental health. Jade became a mum and decided to lay the foundation to build greater resilience in her own child. After researching, reading, and studying she was excited to discover that there were masses of psychological studies that show proven results that transform children’s futures.

It felt like discovering a pot of gold that she wanted to share with other parents but Jade also understood that parents have very little free time so she set about working out how she could share what she had learned with parents and children in the easiest way possible.  She reached out to fellow mum, Art Director and Designer Ruth Perrin asking her to transform them into something that could adorn the walls of toddlers and teens alike.

The result, these beautiful inspirational art prints. Each of the prints in this collection is designed to teach your child an invaluable tool, to boost mental health, change their internal voice, and teach valuable coping strategies. They have been created in the hope that they will support children to achieve a growth mindset, prevent depression and anxiety, improve physical and mental health by reframing and building resilience.

Love set inspirational art
Thoughts typographic art

The most beautiful thing is that it is never too early or late to build our resilience, so even if the child is a baby or toddler, the messages being read by the parent daily, shares these coping tools with them too, so they can model behaviour, and that is the most powerful way a parent can teach a child anything.

“Reading these messages will not make anyone’s problems go away, however, it will teach your child a toolset so they can act in, and react to, any situation with a more balanced and grounded perspective” – Jade Gooding.

There are four core messages that are presented in 3 stunning ranges.

Each collection gives 10% of its profits to child and teen mental health charities including Young Minds in the UK and ChildMind in the USA 

pebbles set of 4

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