We get sent lots of lovely things to review so here are our unbiased reviews of some of the goodies we have been sent as well as some of our absolute favorite bits we have bought and want to tell others about too. If you would like us to review your product please send us a message.

I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast: Did you know that the rubber in your shoes came from a tree? Ever wondered where your breakfast cereal is grown? Have you remembered to thank a bee today for the food you ate for dinner last night?

For me beautiful children’s books are the ultimate opportunity to teach children how to fall in love with any subject. Suddenly the world has gone very strange and learning how to grow our own food, make games from nature, and learn about our environment seems more important than ever. Introducing our new favourite book “I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast” stuffed with incredible knowledge on green healing, plant power, plant technology, food chains, history, and science and packed with fun activities like leaf printing, plant Mazes, growing food from food and more it feels like the dream book to learn from whilst we spend more time at home. The illustrations are just incredible I will share in my stories so you can get a taste of its gorgeousness! Get it HERE.

Make A Pizza For The Birds Kit

Pizza for birds

When I saw this pop up on Indie Shop Littel Nutkin I knew I had to buy it. What a lovely way to teach children about the birds in our garden and what they eat. Putting it on the window ledge means birds come really close to the house and you sit quietly watching them using the cards to identify each one. We have a squirrel who steals the birds nuts so we added a pinch of chili to keep them away (Birds are not affected by chili).  This is a great gift for your own children and others too. Get it Here.

Kids In Ibiza

ibiza kids

We lived in Ibiza for 10 years and often return to see our family and friends but now we no longer have all the bits we need on the island so after years of hiring bits for our friend’s trips (from car seats to toy boxes to garden games to beach toys) from Kids Ibiza, now we are ourselves are loyal customers. It is so great to know that whatever kids stuff you need you can hire it when you arrive on the island and return it (sandy!) completely hassle-free. Trusted baby sitters also are a very useful service provided as well as beach club kids club services so you can relax whilst your children are entertained. Find out more HERE

Green School Bali

The Green School Bali was an amazing family day out, the tour of the school, its grounds and its philosophies will be something we will never forget. You can read all about our visit here.

Nano Girls

Nanogirl Labs is all about helping develop kids’ long-term relationship with STEM, and to make it easier for us to go on that journey with them. “We know that science can be really exciting and also really scary, we are here to demystify it, make it fun, engaging and simple to do from home.” we loved the episodes we watched and got involved with. I think 5 days a week was too much for us but I love that we could choose to pick and choose as we wanted and pick one day to be our Nanogirl day. We ended up watching about 3 a week and actually having a go at an experiment once a week. Nanigirl is engaging and fun and definite win!  Find out more HERE

Karma Kandara Bali – 12 Days Of Christmas

Just the most incredible family holiday. As wonderful as it is having lots of undivided time with your child on holiday, it is also very nice to have some child-free time, an hour in the gym, a massage (oh the spa is something else – pure adult time bliss) or even just date lunch without your child in tow. The 3 Monkeys Kids club meant that my daughter enjoyed her time without us as much as we did! Read more

The Happy Craft Box

happy craft box

We were gift one of these gorgeous boxes. As you can imagine when I read that these creative craft boxes encourage resilience, mindfulness, happiness, creativity and learning in children I was instantly excited. It was so lovely to sit with my daughter and work through the fun crafts that were in our Family and Friends Connections Box, which was filled with fun activities from a Friendship Mandala which gave us an opportunity to tall about our friends around the world and the rainbow cards which we then wrote to send to some of those friends.  The instruction sheets are vibrant and clear, the materials are great quality and the bits my daughter made were all lovely and hung in her room. Find out more at HERE

Spring’s Stirring

wild birds singings

Spring’s Stirring is a fantastic collection of children’s songs inspired by springs’ flowers, insects, birds and magical beginnings. Sung by the deeply talented Holly Ebony ( who is also my little sister) each track has lots of catchy hooks so little ones can sing along with confidence yet equally they are not purely children’s songs so parents can enjoy them too.  Spring’s Stirring is a beautiful way to connect children with nature, from foraging and bird song to wildlife. Get the CD here