Here are 10 powerful conversation starting quiz questions for kids of any age. These questions are rooted in Positive Psychology and will help you find out your child’s attitude to life.

 Intelligence can increase depending on whether or not you spend time building your brain like a muscle?

  1. No not true i’m just not that smart
  2. Yes I just need to keep excising it

Natural ability is more important than grit when it comes to passing tests?

  1. Yes if you have a natural ability you can pass easily
  2. No if you have enough grit you can pass higher than those with a natural ability

How important is it to do random acts of kindness?

  1. It’s silly I don’t do that.
  2. Little things like smiling at a friend or helping a family member are very important

Do experiences bring more happiness than buying new things?

  1. No way! Nothing beats a new toy or item of clothing
  2. Yes when we have amazing experiences it contributes to our long term happiness.

Should you be afraid of making mistakes?

  1. Yes what if i look silly or someone see’s me get it wrong
  2. No we learn from our mistakes. Failing forward is ok

Is emotional well being as important as physical well being?

  1. No looking after your body is the most important thing
  2. Yes our emotional well being is as important as our physical well being

If you get angry can you control your mood?

  1. No way,  I just want to scream and shout
  2. It is very difficult but you can use techniques to calm down

Do you share your emotions with your family?

  1. No that is embarrassing
  2. Yes my family make me feel safe to share all emotions

When did you last take time to be grateful for the basic things in life?

  1. Never I don’t think about it.
  2. I am often grateful for simple things like having a bed to sleep in.

How often do you get out and play in nature?

  1. I like to stay inside
  2. I love to play in the woods or a park

If your child gets mostly 1’s then try to have conversations about these questions and how answer 2 could become a reality in their lives.

Look out for more quiz questions for kids coming up.

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